Format: Each presenter will provide either a paper for pre-reading or a recorded talk for pre-viewing (whichever the presenter prefers). These materials will be linked from the schedule below as they become available. Make sure that you check out these materials in advance of attending a given talk.

Each presenter's live session will last for one hour and will be devoted entirely to discussion/Q&A. When we have a double or triple header, we'll take a ten-minute break in between sessions. All of our live sessions will be via Zoom.

We'll have approximately one session per month throughout 2021.

The purpose of these seminars is to create and sustain an online community of philosophers of activism. Someday, in the post-covid future, we will have an in-person workshop. And at some point we will organize an edited volume.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the organizer: David Killoren (

This seminar series grows out of an earlier workshop.

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Tues. Jan. 12: 5-6pm GMT

Tom Sinclair (Oxford), "What's Wrong with Entryism?"

Click here to view the talk on Youtube.

Tues. Feb. 9: 5-6pm GMT

Alyse Spiehler (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Bob Fischer (Texas State), "Tensions Between Pronoun Norms: The Default Singular They and Animals"

Click here to read the paper.

Tues. March 9: 5-6pm GMT

Cain Shelley (LSE), "Appropriate Political Agency and the Value of Social Solidarity"
Click here to read the paper.

Tues. April 13: 5-6pm GMT

Sally Haslanger (MIT), "How to Change a Social Structure"

Click here to read the paper.


Tues. May 11: 5-7:10pm GMT

Double header:

5-6pm: Emilian Mihailov (University of Bucharest), “The Apple of Discord Between Peter Singer and Disability Activists” Click here to view the talk.

6:10-7:10pm: Joseph Stramondo (San Diego State), "How Disability Activism Advances Disability Bioethics." Click here to read the paper.

Tues. June 8: 5-7:10pm GMT

Double header:

Ege Yumusak (Harvard), "The organizer's anti-utopian imaginations" Click here to read the paper.

Sahar Heydari Fard (Cincinnati), "Complexity and Social Change" Click here to view the talk.

Tues. July 13: 5-6pm GMT

James Simpson (University of Florida), “Some Vices of Virtue Signaling” Click here to read the paper.

Tues. Aug 10: 5-6pm GMT



Sam Sumpter (University of Washington), “Conditions of Empowerment” Click here to read the paper.

Tues. Sept. 14: 5-6pm GMT



Amy McKiernan (Dickinson College), “The Ethics of Care in Practice: Attending to Grief in Social Movements

Tues. Oct. 12: 5-6pm GMT



Kathryn Pogin (Northwestern), "Epistemic Infringement: The Pro-Life Movement and Exploitation of the Religious Right." Click here to read the paper.

Tues. Nov. 9: 5-6pm GMT



David Killoren (Koç University [from Sept. 2022]), "Omnivores as Strikebreakers"

Tues. Dec. 14: 5-6pm GMT

Ramona Ilea (Pacific University), "How Philosophers Can Foster Student Activism." Click here to watch Ramona's video presentation. CLICK HERE FOR THE ZOOM. Here's a link to materials related to Ramona's presentation.